Visegrad University Studies Grant

The Visegrad University Studies Grant (VUSG) is a grant pro­gram designed for uni­ver­si­ties with the aim to pro­mote and sup­port the devel­op­ment and launch­ing of out­stand­ing uni­ver­sity courses or degree pro­grams that deal with spe­cific phe­nom­ena explic­itly related to the Visegrad Group (V4) coun­tries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia).

At the Department of International Relations and European Studies the Visegrad University Studies Grant is realized in a form of a spring semester course which started in 2011. The course is aimed to provide the students with the detailed information about energy security of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, as well as their cooperation and potential in this field.

On successful completion of the course, students are able to evaluate the concept of energy security, its meaning, uses, basic problems and issues. They are also able to assess the energy situation of the EU and V4, preparing the background for the individual countries. Special concern will be dedicated to formulating the potential of the pros and cons of energy cooperation of the V4 countries.

The first part of the course provides students with the basic information regarding the energy sectors of the V4 countries and selected energy security problems. The course starts with lectures focused on each member of the V4 group. Following lectures cover problem-oriented issues such as the relations of the V4 countries with the main actors (such as the EU and Russia) in energy policy arena, or pipeline policy implications for the region (security of supplies, transit position, price competition etc.) and possibilities of cooperation in the V4 framework. Students also have the opportunity to take part in field trips connected to the topic of the course.