Lehotský and Borshchevska published article on energy efficiency

Lukáš Lehotský and Yulia Borshchevska published an article on development of energy efficiency policies in the Czech Republic. The article is titled "Evaluating the Czech Republic’s progress on energy efficiency: major achievements and pitfalls".

It was published as a part of a series on energy efficiency in the journal International Issues & Slovak Foreign Policy Affairs.

The article may be found here.

New article by Koďousková and Jirušek on Gazprom´s behaviour in Asia

In the last issue of Central European Journal of International and Security Studies (CEJISS) journal Hedvika Koďousková along with martin Jirušek published an article on activities of Russian state-owned gas company Gazprom on Asian markets. The text focuses on the company´s behaviour regarding the popular perception of Russian state-owned energy companies as foreign policy tools. For the sake of the analysis, the authors developed a behavioural model for assessing Russian Eastern Energy Policy with a special regard to Sino-Russian Relations.

Hedvika Koďousková and Petr Ocelík published an article on China's Oil and Gas Policy

Hedvika Koďousková published together with Petr Ocelík an article in Canadian journal “Geopolitics of Energy” titled „China’s Oil and Gas Policy Towards Russia“.

Tomáš Vlček and Martin Jirušek published an article on the conduct of Rosatom in CEE

Tomáš Vlček and Martin Jirušek published an article titled “Behavioral Determinants of Russian Nuclear State-Owned Enterprises in Central and Eastern European Region” dealing with the conduct of Russian state-owned company Rosatom in the Central and Eastern Europe.

The article was published in the International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy.

It is available via this link.

Martin Jirušek, Filip Černoch and Anna Leshchenko on Gazprom in Ukraine

Martin Jirušek and Filip Černoch published new article along with  Anna Leshchenko on Gazprom´s strategy in Ukraine. The article titled Russian Energy Interests in the Ukrainian Gas Sector: Strategically Motivated Conduct? examines the company´s conduct in the country with regard to the geopolitical situation and potential influence exerted by Moscow.

The article was published in April issue of the Geopolitics of Energy journal.

New article by Filip Černoch and Veronika Zapletalová

Filip Černoch and Veronika Zapletalová published new article in the Energy Policy Journal. The article focuses on the decision of the European Commission on the admissibility of state support for the expansion of Hinkley Point C, a British nuclear power plant. The European Commission not only influenced the development of energy sector in the UK with its decision, but also sent a strong signal that it is possible to use state aid for new nuclear power plants in the EU.

Tomáš Vlček and Martin Jirušek Published Article with James Henderson

Tomáš Vlček and Martin Jirušek published new article along with James Henderson who is well known for his publications on gas market published on behalf of the Oxford Institute for Energy Research.

The article deals with potential risks that emerge within the construction process of new nuclear power plants in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and was published in the International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy.

The article can be downloaded for free from this link.

Petr Ocelík and Jan Osička Published Article in Prominent Foreign Journal

Petr Ocelík and Jan Osička published an article titled „The framing of unconventional natural gas resources in the foreign energy policy discourse of the Russian Federation“ in Energy Policy journal. Authors conclude that in Russian FEPD the unconventionals are considered as a distinctive and inferior source of energy compared to conventional natural gas. Emphasis is put on their economic irrationality and environmental hazards.

Filip Černoch and Martin Jirušek Published 2 Articles Concerned with Theoretical Approaches to Energy Security

Energy Security Studies program lecturers Filip Černoch and Martin Jirušek published two articles dealing with theoretical approaches to energy security on levels of EU and the Czech Republic.

New Article Dealing with Chinese Energy Policy

Hedvika Koďousková published an article titled "Chinese 'gas policy' towards Russia and Turkmenistan between 2001-2012" in Mezinárodní vztahy - journal of the Institute of International Relations.

The intention behind this article was to describe characteristics of Chinese energy policy towards the most important gas producers in the region.