New paper on media discourse on coal mining

Lehotský, Černoch, Osička and Ocelík published an article “When climate change is missing: Media discourse on coal mining in the Czech Republic” examining how Czech national newspapers write about coal mining. They processed all articles that contained the key word "coal mining", which were published in the Czech national press between 1996 and 2016.

New paper of Minin and Vlček in Energy Strategy Reviews

Nikita Minin and Tomáš Vlček are authors of a new paper in Energy Strategy Reviews titled "Post-Fukushima performance of the major global nuclear technology providers".

Authors analyze the situation of the most important nuclear construction companies in the world and offer a detailed insight into the business strategy of Russian state enterprise Rosatom.

To access the paper, please follow this link.

New Publication Successes of Jirusek and Vlcek

In the beginning of September a new paper written by M. Jirušek and T. Vlček was published. The paper is titled "Global impact of energy exports from the United States: Assessment of potential consequences for targeted markets" and was published in Switzerland-based International Journal of Global Energy Issues. The paper analyzes the export potential of the USA in the energy field and its impact on targeted markets.

Ocelík published in cooperation with Institute of Ecology in Xalpa, Mexico

Petr Ocelík, together with Alfonso Langle-Flores and Octavio Pérez-Maqueo from Institute of Ecology, Xalapa, published a new article titled “The Role of Social Networks in the Sustainability Transformation of Cabo Pulmo: A Multiplex Perspective”.

The research explores multiple social networks that have been forming an opposition movement that successfully protected a marine reserve against the construction of a large-scale touristic resort in Cabo Pulmo, Mexico.

Jirušek and Vlček published an article in prestigious Post-Soviet Affairs

Martin Jirušek and Tomáš Vlček marked a remarkable publication success. Along with James Henderson from the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, they published an article titled „Russia's energy relations in Southeastern Europe: an analysis of motives in Bulgaria and Greece“. The article was published in the Post-Soviet Affairs journal, which is indexed in the Web of Science database and counts among the top tier journals within the field.

Minin and Vlček on Rosatom's external strategy

Nikita Minin and Tomáš Vlček wrote a paper titled "Determinants and considerations of Rosatom’s external strategy" in a peer reviewed academic journal Energy Strategy Reviews.

The authors focus on the operations of Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation stating that despite various considerations affecting the corporation's ambitious external strategy, its interests are economic, and it is economic logic that prompts the company to focus on projects abroad.

Vlcek and Drab published an article on nuclear financing

Tomáš Vlček and Tomáš Dráb from the Faculty of Economics and Administration have written a paper published in Central European Political Studies Review with the title "Ways of Financing New Nuclear Constructions and Its Threats".

Financing of nuclear energy is one of the most important - if not the most important determinant of the future development of nuclear energy. The paper analyses the ways of financing new nuclear constructions and offers classification of possible financing models, and, based on such classification, identification of threats attached to these models.

Ocelík, Osička, Zapletalová, Černoch and Dančák published article on radioactive waste repository

Petr Ocelík together with Jan Osička, Veronika Zapletalová, Filip Černoch, and Břetislav Dančák published a new article titled “Local opposition and acceptance of a deep geological repository of radioactive waste in the Czech Republic: A frame analysis.”

Vlček published new paper on lignite mining limits

Tomáš Vlček in cooperation with Martin Sivek and Jakub Jirásek (Technical University of Ostrava) and Pavel Kavina (Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic) published paper titled "Lifting lignite mining limits - correction of the Czech Republic raw material and energy policy" ( in peer reviewed academic journal Energy Sources, Part B: Economics, Planning, and Policy.

Cernoch and Osicka published a new article on Czech commitment to nuclear energy.

Jan Osička and Filip Černoch published together an article "Anatomy of a black sheep: The roots of the Czech Republic’s pro-nuclear energy policy" dealing with nuclear energy. The text was published in the journal Energy Research & Social Science.