Ocelík, Osička, Zapletalová, Černoch and Dančák published article on radioactive waste repository

Petr Ocelík together with Jan Osička, Veronika Zapletalová, Filip Černoch, and Břetislav Dančák published a new article titled “Local opposition and acceptance of a deep geological repository of radioactive waste in the Czech Republic: A frame analysis.”

The article explores framing of the siting process of a deep geological repository of nuclear waste in the Czech Republic by the municipalities’ representatives in the pre-selected localities. Three distinguished frames have been reconstructed. The risk frame, which connects the project with a number of predominantly environmental threats, is counter-balanced by the responsibility frame that uses the ‘Not-In-My-Back-Yard’ label to delegitimize the local opposition. The third frame then portrays the siting process as a display of general distrust towards political elites and state institutions. It is argued that the distinguished frames stem from a deeper ideological conflict about the nature of democratic governance and the value attributed to environment, further stressing the importance of a siting process’ institutional arrangement that goes beyond technocratic solutions.

The article was published in Energy Policy journal and is available here.