New Publication Successes of Jirusek and Vlcek

In the beginning of September a new paper written by M. Jirušek and T. Vlček was published. The paper is titled "Global impact of energy exports from the United States: Assessment of potential consequences for targeted markets" and was published in Switzerland-based International Journal of Global Energy Issues. The paper analyzes the export potential of the USA in the energy field and its impact on targeted markets.

The second text is a research report of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region. Its target is to address the main challenges that have arisen from current developments in the sector and to formulate policy recommendations that may help achieve successful market integration in the future.

The character of the natural gas sector is such that a comparison to the oil sector may be enlightening, and it is worthwhile to gain a full understanding of the structural and market characteristics involved, since the market position of these two sectors has been partially intertwined for most of their history in Europe. The book is available here.