New paper on media discourse on coal mining

Lehotský, Černoch, Osička and Ocelík published an article “When climate change is missing: Media discourse on coal mining in the Czech Republic” examining how Czech national newspapers write about coal mining. They processed all articles that contained the key word "coal mining", which were published in the Czech national press between 1996 and 2016.

The media focused on “territorial ecological limits”, which was expected. Besides that, analysis found the following findings. Firstly, the media report on coal mining through the prism of economic and political issues. Thus they cultivate and strengthen the perception of the economic importance of mining, and ultimately facilitate extraordinary measures of an economic nature in favor of mining activities. Secondly, nuclear power is a frequently mentioned topic in relation to coal mining, which shows that nuclear is perceived as a solution to the issue of continuing mining. Surprisingly, references to energy security do in the results. Lastly, environmental issues are under-represented. Moreover, their representation only covers the local pollution. The link between coal mining and climate change is missing, and such negligence of climate dimmension does not change over time. Mining and coal consumption are approached as two separate issues from the point of view of climate impacts in the Czech discourse (unlike the abovementioned link between mining and nuclear energy, where consumption and extraction is treated as linked).

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