Hedvika Koďousková and Petr Ocelík published an article on China's Oil and Gas Policy

Hedvika Koďousková published together with Petr Ocelík an article in Canadian journal “Geopolitics of Energy” titled „China’s Oil and Gas Policy Towards Russia“.

Using the existing theoretical discussion as a starting point, the aim of this article is to interrogate critically the strategic character of China’s energy policy towards Russia. As the individual sections of the article show, the premises of the Strategic Approach (the theoretical model used) are generally valid for the case of China's oil policy. Beijing's strong commitment to diversify maritime oil deliveries by all alternatives available plays a major role. In the case of China's gas policy towards Russia, however, Beijing has focused on economic terms.

One possible explanation stems from alternative supplies Beijing has managed to secure from other neighboring countries, which satisfactory diversify its current and future gas import needs. The May 2014 Sino-Russian gas deal points both to China as a tough negotiator finding itself in a slightly better position, and to the rising significance Russian gas most likely gained in the Chinese view at that time.