CENERS team participated at ECPR General Conference 2018 in Hamburg

Almost all members of the CENERS team participated at the ECPR General Conference 2018 in Hamburg, Germany.

Jan Osička chaired together with Kacper Szulecki from University of Oslo a section titled "Energy Policy and Politics: Conceptual Challenges, Core Problems and Emerging Issues". The section contained 6 panels focusing on various issues of energy policy. Within that, he chaired a panel "Energy Justice and Equity: The Conceptual and Operational Perspectives". 

Petr Ocelík chaired a "Political Networks" section together with Manuel Fischer from Univeristy of Bern. The section contained 7 panels. Within the section, a panel titled "From Texts to Networks: Semantic, Socio-Semantic and Discourse Networks" was chaierd by Lukáš Lehotský.

Filip Černoch chaired a panel on energy transitions, titled "Energy Transition(s) in the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe".

Veronika Zapletalová presented a paper "United in Differences: Visegrad Contribution to EU Differentiated Integration – A Discussion on Underlying Theoretical Assumptions" authored together with Petr Kaniok and Vít Hloušek; and Martin Jirušek was a co-author of a paper "The Conduct of Gazprom in Central and Eastern Europe: A Tool of the Kremlin, or Just an Adaptable Player?", presented by Petra Kuchyňková.