Vlcek and Drab published an article on nuclear financing

Tomáš Vlček and Tomáš Dráb from the Faculty of Economics and Administration have written a paper published in Central European Political Studies Review with the title "Ways of Financing New Nuclear Constructions and Its Threats".

Financing of nuclear energy is one of the most important - if not the most important determinant of the future development of nuclear energy. The paper analyses the ways of financing new nuclear constructions and offers classification of possible financing models, and, based on such classification, identification of threats attached to these models.

Ocelík, Osička, Zapletalová, Černoch and Dančák published article on radioactive waste repository

Petr Ocelík together with Jan Osička, Veronika Zapletalová, Filip Černoch, and Břetislav Dančák published a new article titled “Local opposition and acceptance of a deep geological repository of radioactive waste in the Czech Republic: A frame analysis.”

Vlček published new paper on lignite mining limits

Tomáš Vlček in cooperation with Martin Sivek and Jakub Jirásek (Technical University of Ostrava) and Pavel Kavina (Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic) published paper titled "Lifting lignite mining limits - correction of the Czech Republic raw material and energy policy" ( in peer reviewed academic journal Energy Sources, Part B: Economics, Planning, and Policy.

Cernoch and Osicka published a new article on Czech commitment to nuclear energy.

Jan Osička and Filip Černoch published together an article "Anatomy of a black sheep: The roots of the Czech Republic’s pro-nuclear energy policy" dealing with nuclear energy. The text was published in the journal Energy Research & Social Science.

Cernoch and Lehotsky at PSSI Energy Security Academy 2017

Filip Cernoch and Lukas Lehotsky lectured at the fifth Energy Security Academy 2017, a one-week intensive course on energy security and energy policy. Filip took a close look at changes happening on the electricity market and resulting effects on large companies. Lukas subsequently lectured on development of policies aimed at increasing energy efficiency and bringing energy savings in EU.