Study Facilities

The Faculty of Social Studies was founded in 1998. In 2005, it moved into a newly reconstructed building at Joštova Street. This building was originally designed in 1910 for the German technical school in Brno. This can be traced on the façade ornaments. The new building provides students and employees with a modern library that offers a wide range of publications, with a sufficient number of personal computers in PC rooms, with specialized DTP studios and multimedia rooms, and with a students’ club. The glazed atrium hall, which stands out for its amazing layout and architectural design, is a perfect place for social gatherings.

Central Library of the Faculty of Social Studies

The library is located in the faculty building. It provides highly professional library and information services. Readers and visitors of the library would find a rich collection of books and journals in a pleasant and comfortable environment, complete with a friendly staff.

The library offers more than 25 000 items in an open-access collection that covers sociology, psychology, politics, international relations, social work, environmental sciences, media studies, journalism and information on the European Union. More than half of the collection is in foreign languages. There are 80 Czech and 100 foreign social science journals available. Eight study rooms, including a newspaper reading room and media and computer study rooms, are accessible six days a week. The library provides on-line access to the main single-disciplinary and multidisciplinary databases. A WiFi network and a cable connection are set up. All computers and notebooks can be used to print documents on the library printers. A wide range of materials is accessible in the form of electronic resources, including electronic databases, e-books and journals, as well as the catalogues of other libraries.

Technologies, E-learning and Information System

The faculty teaching rooms are equipped with data-projectors and PCs for presentations. Some of the teaching rooms have professional audio/video equipment. The faculty’s Center of Information and Communication Technologies supports all types of scientific, educational, and social events at the faculty, and has been highly appreciated by users. It administers audiovisual technologies and maintains and supports the computer network. Students and faculty members can utilize automatic recording and streaming of lectures and conferences.

The Faculty supports and extensively uses the award-winning university information system in its e-learning and administrative agendas. The Document server provides central data storage, and course materials and sources are accessible on-line. The system facilitates the development of electronic organization of seminar work; selection of study sources; use of interactive syllabi; quick and flexible electronic testing; assistance with work on new projects, training, problem solving; online reservation of rooms, consultations, etc. It offers comprehensive guidance and assistance to students and teachers.