Freshman reading list

Accepted to the ESS program? Eager to read? Here are some books and articles that will help you get ready for your studies at Masaryk University.

Social science methodology

Punch, K. (2005). Introduction to social research: quantitative and qualitative approaches. London: SAGE Publications Ltd.

Kelly, A. P. (2016). Social research methods. London: London School of Economics. Retrieved from

Outhwaite, W., & Turner, S. (2007). The SAGE Handbook of Social Science Methodology. London: SAGE Publications Ltd.

Security Studies and International Relations basics

Williams, P. D. (2008). Security studies: an introduction. Routledge.

McGlinchey, S. (2016). International Relations. Bristol: E-International Relations Publishing. Retrieved from

Lawson, S. (2015). Theories of international relations: contending approaches to world politics. Polity Press.

Energy security basics

Sovacool, B. K. (2011). The Routledge handbook of energy security. Routledge.

Chester, L. (2010). Conceptualising energy security and making explicit its polysemic nature. Energy Policy, 38(2), 887–895.

The Energy Research and Social Science journal

European Union

Wallace, H. S., Pollack, M. A., & Young, A. R. (2015). Policy-making in the European Union. Oxford: Oxford University Press.