Final state exam

The department’s scheduled date for the Final State Examination is set at the beginning of the semester. The examination schedule — date and room number — will be published on the IS Document Server two weeks prior to the exam. The exact time will be determined only after the individual course areas have been closed by the Study Office (under the State Examination Code, the deadline for students is three working days prior to the FSE), and will be published one to two days prior to the examination. Students should therefore monitor the IS Document Server, since this will be the only source of information on any changes. Setting up e-mail notifications in the IS’s Events section is highly recommended.

The FSE consists in the defence of the diploma thesis and an oral examination in three state examination subjects: Theories and Concepts, Energy Policy in Central Europe, European Energy Policy. Should a student fail, he or she will re-sit only that part of the exam (e.g., the defence or the failed subject).

Both the defence and the FSE subjects are evaluated using the following system of marks:
A – excellent
B – very good
C – good
D – satisfactory
E – sufficient
F – fail

Before sitting the FSE, all books borrowed from the library or lecturers must be returned.

The FSE Procedure

  • The defence and the oral examination will both take place on a single date.
  • The State Examination does not begin with a formal opening; students must arrive at least 90 minutes prior to their examination times as indicated on the schedule.
  • 60 minutes before their defence, students will draw at random a single thematic area from each subject. They will then prepare their answers independently. 
  • The State Examination starts with the Defence of the Master’s Thesis. Students will first briefly introduce their thesis. The reports of the thesis supervisor and opponent are then presented, followed by general discussion. The total length of the thesis defence is approximately 20 minutes.
  • Within the oral examination, students may select the order of questions to be answered. In sitting the Theories and Concepts examination, the theories and concepts in question should be illustrated using specific cases or policies: ideally from the topic area of the diploma thesis or from the subject areas specified for the State Examination.
  • The FSE lasts approximately 60 minutes per student. The results are announced at the end of the day on which the examination takes place. After the results have been announced, the examination committee is available to answer any potential questions about the examination or the evaluation.
  • Both the defence and the oral examination are open to general public.

Subject areas and reading lists

The list of subject areas and required readings can be downloaded as a pdf.

PDF icon Subject areas527.42 KB