Calendars and important deadlines

Forthcoming deadlines and important dates for Spring 2017

February 20 – Spring semester lectures start

February 20 - April 14 - Registration for  the final state exam (June 2017)

March 3 - Changes in course enrollment

April 5 - Master thesis topic registration (January 2018 defense)

May 3 - Delivery of elaborated outline of thesis topic and research design to the supervisors (January 2017 defense)

May 14  - Submission of the first theses draft in the IS ESS409 homework vault (June 2017 defense)

May 22 - Start of the exam period

May 25 - Deadline for unregistration from thesis defense and/or final state exam

May 28 - Submission of final versions of theses in the IS

May 29, by 15:00 - Submission of 2 print copies of final theses to the Department secretary

June 21 - Final state exam

July 2 - End of exam period

Academic Calendar for the current semester

Please see the calendar in the Information System (IS) for the general outline of the semester, course registration and enrollment periods, duration of teaching and exam periods, etc. In the departmental calendar, you find the deadlines concerning final state exams and theses submission specified.

Faculty calendar displaying a general outline of course registration and enrollment periods, duration of teaching and exam periods is available in the Information System

The Student handbook Master Program's Student Handbook 2016-2017

ESS courses for the current semester in a Weekly Schedules at FSS website

Semester enrollment application

Please apply for being enrolled in each new semester. The application procedure is administered in the IS and its deadline is usually the end of the first week of lectures. The application expresses your wish to continue studies. Changes in course selection can be made until the end of second week of teaching. New students enrolling in the first semester of their studies have to enroll in person.

University Events

Invitations to University Events are to be found at