International Relations Theory and Energy Security

The students will be familiarized with main theoretical approaches to energy security in International Relations (IR). The aim of the Course is to provide an overview of intellectual history of energy security, to present various conceptualizations of this notion and to demonstrate definitional interconnections between its particular concepts and IR theories. The framework is set up by the review of the main IR theoretical debates and the presentation of “general security” conceptual issues and traditionalist vs. wideners/deepeners dispute in the beginning of the Course. Afterwards, the two dominant approaches to energy security, strategic and market approaches, stemming from rationalist theories of (neo)realism and (neo)liberalism are scrutinized. Following lectures are focused on constructivist and critical approaches to energy security. Thus, students acquire a better understanding of the topic, which allows them to use the concepts and the theories in an informed and creative way. The active participation of students in seminars is therefore considered as crucial.