Environmental Aspects of Energy

The course provides a comprehensive overview of main approaches towards environmental issues in energy policy. In its first part it introduces the most important energy-related environmental dilemmas of today and draws analytical tools for their assessment. In the second part of the session, the emphasis is on arguably the hottest issue of today: the climate change problem and its position on different levels of the contemporary political agenda. Among other topics presented and analyzed in this course, the renewables and their potential effect in fighting the climate change will be scrutinized. New technologies and directions in the use of energy worldwide will be part of the presented material. Last but not least, case studies of different environment-related issues and aspects of the energy sector will be presented. Thanks to successful graduation from the course, students will enjoy a good basis of information, which will help them navigate safely throughout extreme opinions of both knowledge poles in the field of environmental aspects of energy / energy security. Students will be able to critically evaluate information from this field, independently analyze environmental issues of energy and also explain various phenomena of environmental aspects of energy.