Energy Relations in Asia

What is the nature of energy security of the energy hungry newcomers China and India? How is their rapid growth perceived by Japan – former leading Asian consumer? What are the main features of the energy policy of Russia – one of the biggest energy producers and exporters? What role Russia plays on European and Asian energy markets? These are some of the questions that Energy Security of Russia and Asian Countries raises and tackles. Thanks to successful completion of the course students will be able to define basic characteristics of energy-security policies of China, Japan and India and analyze their foreign policy implications. They will be able to evaluate critically energy-security policy of the Russian Federation, its political and European dimension as well as energy relations between Russia and transit countries. Students will be able to explain the geopolitical significance of the Caspian region and evaluate interests of major consumers in the region. Last but not least, they will be able to assess the importance of current trends in energy relations in Asia, such as gas pipeline policy or nuclear power development after Fukushima.