Energy in the European Union

The course intends to familiarize the students with the matter of European Energy Policy. This policy is one among the most rapidly developing EU areas, with crucial impacts on the energy sectors and consequently economies of the Members States. Also it is a good example of how the European institutions obtain gradually more extensive power over the performance of the national (energy) sectors. The general aim of the course is to show where the trade-offs between the European and national energy policies are. The course focuses on the main three dimensions of European Energy Policy. Firstly, the issue of internal energy market is developed. Students will be acquainted with the general structure of this market, about how it is organized, what players are involved, and what conflicts are underway here. This is followed by the issue of environmental dimension of energy, with an analysis of the EU´s system of emission trading as the flagship of the worlds fight against the global warming. Last part of the course is dedicated to the topical issue of external energy security, including application of general theories on several case studies.