Economics of Energy Corporations II.

Following on from the Fall's lecture series, this course will take a more practical approach to energy economics by building cashflow models for specific projects and discussing the main building blocks behind them. Taking case studies from the oil, gas and electricity sectors, students will take part in an active process of constructing a discounted cashflow model in Excel, inserting the main revenue and cost lines, discussing the key assumptions and making decisions on the viability of projects. The first two lectures will cover the fundamentals of discounted cashflow models and how to use them, while the following six lectures will use the models that we have made to analyse one oil field, one major gas project and one power project in the same way that the Business Development Group of an energy company would consider a new investment. We will create a base case analysis as well as looking at various upside and downside scenarios, while discussing the key elements for a major investment decision. At the end of the week, students will be given another project to analyse and assess in their own time, in order to provide a short analysis and recommendation in written and graphical form for assessment by the course leader.