Jan Osička

  • Head of Project (International Institute of Political Science)
  • Advisor for Students’ Internships (Energy Security Studies Program)

Jan obtained the Ph.D. title at the Department of International Relations and European Studies, FSS MU, with his final thesis “Natural GAS Supply in the Visegrad Four Region: The MEOS Model Application”.  Jan used to work as an editor of the section “Analyses and Comments” at “Natoaktual.cz”, the news portal of the Czech Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Since 2009, when he completed a six-month internship at the Istanbul Bilgi University, he has participated on several research projects dealing with transport of energy commodities. In 2010, he took part in the development of the MEOS natural gas network flow model, which was employed as the part of the research “The Future of Natural Gas Security in the V4 Countries” and “Unconventional Sources of Natural Gas: Development and Possible Consequences for the Central Eastern European Region”.

  • Theoretical setting of foreign energy policies
  • Political aspects of transport of energy commodities
  • Unconventional sources of oil and gas