Břetislav Dančák

  • Dean of the Faculty of Social Studies
  • Founder of the Faculty's energy research
  • Member of Scientific Board of the Masaryk University
  • Member of the Rector's Board of the Masaryk University

Putting together the personal core of the energy research team in early 2008, Břetislav is the founder of the energy-related research pursued at the Faculty. Under his leadership, the team has developed a comprehensive research agenda and two master programs focused on energy.

Since 2011 Břetislav has served as the Faculty's dean. Prior to assuming the position, he served as the vice-dean for international relations in the Faculty management. 

Břetislav began his academic career in 1996 at the International Institute of Political Science, which he would later manage as Head. During his career, Břetislav has pursued research in numerous Central and Eastern European countries and at Columbia University in New York, where he worked on researching US foreign policy toward Central European states following the end of the Cold War. Since 2006 he has been incorporating the issues of energy security and energy geopolitics into his research focus.