About Center

Center for Energy Studies (CENERS) is an independent platform which brings together energy researchers and experts. It counts as one of the biggest research and education institution in the Central Europe in the field of energy policy. The main goal is to combine high-quality research with education activities in order to bring up the future decision-makers and business strategists in the field of energy.

Center takes an active part in research and education activities in the field of energy analysis. The foundational idea of the Center is to employ a multidisciplinary approach to the energy-related issues. It is, therefore, a hub bringing together institution-based, company-based and individual experts from different fields of power industry: politics, economy, ecology, law, geology, sociology or technical sciences.

The basic principles of CENERS are professionalism, impartiality and reliability. Its goal is an achievement of a sustainable scientific and research workplace which generates the top professionals and great results in the domain.

Main activities are twofold:

  1. The commercial and academic research activities of the Center are mainly directed to the topical issues and trends in the international energy industry. That is why the liberalization of energy markets, energy policy-making and its enforcement, shale gas development and its impacts for natural gas markets or the role of local oppositions with regard to the planning of energy projects are the main topics which feed research interest of members.
  2. Second area of activity is educational. The masters study program associated with the Centre, Energy Policy Studies, is a unique program of this kind in the region. It is the only study program addressing the energy issues in all their complexity and multidisciplinarity. The program in that manner combines political, economic, ecological, technical and legal aspects of power industry. Students of the program get all that under the roof of the second largest university in the Czech Republic.